Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Baby Boy

I bought my new little baby boy home last Sunday.  He is the most perfect specimen in every way and I feel teary every time I think how very lucky I am to have three healthy beautiful children.  

I have lucked out also on the third child, as he sleeps and eats and rarely cried.  When he is hungry he will let out a little squeak and open his mouth wide to give us the signal that a breast is required in his vicinity and quickly.  He was a few days early and a little on the scrawny side, so I am trying to feed him up a bit. Therefore even though he would love to sleep 4-5 hours, I am waking him up to feed him every three hours.  He lost 10% of his body weight in hospital, so a little extra fat wouldn't go astray.  

Thankfully my 4 and 6 year old absolutely adore him as well.  My 6 year old just mothers him and spends her day asking to cuddle him, and my 4 year old is the same.  He has had a few minor episodes of being a little jealous, but that has lasted all of 2 or 3 minutes, so it is no biggy.  Actually if the baby is not in my arms, the children get quite worried about his well being.

So needless to say my view on life at the moment is shiny and bright.  What an amazing experience motherhood is, and even though after this pregnancy I said three is enough, already I am thinking about a forth.  Just have to convince the husband that it is a good idea now.  Seriously though, I have never been a money vs baby person, but when you get beyond 3 children I guess I have to face reality and realise that we may not be able to give our children the life we want to if we have more then 3 (not that we live an extravagant life mind you).

Hmmm, who knows what life will bring though.  We will have the number of children we are meant to have I guess, but I thought I would feel like I was "done" after giving birth to my little boy, but that feeling hasn't kicked in yet.

Do you know how many children you want?  When did you know when you were "done"?


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