Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comfortable Underwear

When I was in my late teen years I did what most of us do and invested in pretty lacy lingerie.  I wore the sets rather then whatever I pulled out of the draw that couldn't been seen underneath my outfit.  I would quietly smirk when my aunt would tell me she couldn't wear any underwear with lace and vowed not to ever go down that path.

10 years later and I am on the band wagon.  I have a couple of lonely lace bras that I wear occasionally and usually vow never to wear them again after that.  Lace equals uncomfortableness. So to capture my personal style I have had to source nice underwear without the blah factor.

From great Australian Fashion brands I have found Bonds to be the best for this sort of underwear.  Comfortable and great quality and price was, reasonable.  Berlei is also great for the "frill free" underwear, although they seem to do a lot in satin which gives it a more classy feel then the normal stretch underwear.

What brand of underwear do you swear by?

Jen & Row

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