Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Blues/Post Natal Depression

We are at day number 12 with our gorgeous little boy and I am sorry to say I am suffering from the Baby Blues a little.  Not to much, normally by the time I have the older kids of to school and have had a second coffee for the day I am feeling much more normal, but today I am quite teary.

I am not sure why, I guess it is all hormonal.  Maybe it is because as much as I am in total absolute love with my baby, I am feeling a bit sad that he will most likely be my last as three children is (or was) our magic number.  But I am a big believer in living in the moment, so I need to chant that to myself every morning and love what I have instead of feeling sad about what I might not have.

However, I am one of the lucky ones.  Even though with each of my children I have had a little of the baby blues, I have been fortunate enough to never suffer Post Natal Depression.  I do have many friends that have suffered from it, and suffered seriously to the point of hospitalisation.  I cannot imagine the how awful it is to have a new baby and feel absolute depression and not be able to enjoy their little miracles.  The most important step though is to get help.  If you are a sufferer or feel that you may be heading down that path, get some help straight away.  Talk to your partner, friends, and most importantly your doctor and don't be afraid to disclose how you are feeling.  The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get better and enjoy your new baby.

Have you or are you suffering from PND?  We would love to hear your story and share it with others.  Sometimes just knowing you are not going through PND alone can be helpful.

Jen and Row

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