Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The sequined Clutch

Whilst I love a sequined Clutch, they can be detrimental to ones outfit.

Recently I was at my best friends wedding. Her MC had on a lovely dress and her pride and joy was her new clutch, in a gorgeous green covered with sequins and beads.  It was very expensive clutch and did set of her outfit nicely.  One problem -the clutch was slowly destroying her equally lovely dress.  Every step she took a sequin or a bead would latch onto her dress and pull a thread of two, so by the end of the night each side of her dress had numerous threads pulled and was essentially ruined.

However this isn't something that is confined to evening clutches.  The same thing happened to me at my wedding accept the weapon of dress destruction was a tennis bracelet.

Happy Shopping
Jen & Row

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