Monday, March 14, 2011

Joining a Gym

It is time....  The diet and exercise regime is starting tomorrow.  Actually it was meant to start today but after being up with my baby from 1.30 this morning as he is having stomach issues as many new babies do, a walk at 5.30 this morning was not very appealing.

I have just organised "Lite and Easy" so that should take care of breakfast and lunch plus snacks.  I have really done this out of convenience, and I am being very sensible given that I am breastfeeding.  I have taken a higher calorie program, and I think that the food that I consume on this program is probably far better then what I would consume normally at home.  I am good with breakfast and morning tea, but by the time lunch comes I can't be bothered making a salad so I end up eating a very healthy peanut paste sandwich - high carb and high fat, and high calorie with little satisfaction.

So that is my first step to losing the baby weight.

Next is finding a gym.  I am enthusiastic - hopefully it will last.  That is a good 4 weeks away though, must let my body recover from childbirth, even though I came through it extremely well and after a week, didn't even feel like I had given birth.

63kg at the moment - and being 5"2, my goal weight is 52kg, so 11 to go.....  Any tips you can give me for that extra incentive to loss the weight will be gladly accepted.


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