Friday, March 18, 2011

Ballet Flats

Do you have a "look" that you don't deviate from year after year?  I do and for winter it is a great pair of jeans and ballet flats.

Jeans are not an easy buy for me, so I have two pairs.  One pair is about 10 years old, but still good - Levi's , you can't go wrong. The second changes yearly.  I usually allow myself to be totally bummed out for a day whilst searching for the perfect jeans of the season and when i find the pair, I wear them to death.

Last year I actually didn't endure that full day shopping to find the jeans of choice.  I was working weekends last year, and of course there is no way I would drag two young children around the shops for a day to find jeans.  So I raced into a cheap boutique with 5 minutes before closing time, grabbed one pair of jeans in my size - yes they fit, bought them and left.  Not the best jeans I have ever owned, but not to shabby either, and only $35.  Bargain.

Shoes are a different story for me.  I spend good money on shoes because cheap shoes are so uncomfortable.  However, when I find a good pair of flats, I wear them to death.

Love these Stuart Weitzman flats....

What do you think?

Jen and Row

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  1. I wear great shoes to death too ... the Stuart Weitzman flats are wonderful! :)