Monday, March 21, 2011

Wear What Your Comfortable In

I recently watched a great English comedy called Miranda.  It is a really sweet English comedy centred around Miranda, who is 6"1 and whilst I wouldn't call her overweight, she is on the larger side.  She is marvellous and gorgeous.

The episode I watched today was about Miranda being mistaken for a "Sir", and therefore deciding to giver herself a makeover.  Move over jeans and t-shirt, it is time for something more feminine.  As she said she needed to "Trinny and Suzanna herself".  Not possible to do this with the actual Trinny and Suzanna as she would have punched them in the mouth - her words.  It then went to a caption about how she would do a "Trinny and Suzanna" style show.  It showed her interviewing an extremely badly dressed woman and the conversation when something like this:

Miranda: "Excuse me ma'am, can we interview you?  Well, I wouldn't necessarily wear that top, but you do look comfortable, are you?"

Woman: "Yes".

Miranda: "Do you like this top?"

Woman: "Yes"

Miranda: "Do you care that other people don't like your top?"

Woman: "No"

Miranda: "Good, then wear that then.  Bye."

I love this on so many levels.  Firstly it is just plain funny, however I found it so appealing that she cut through the pretencious rubbish that embodies make-overs, and just asked the woman what she liked.  I LOVE giving make-overs and dressing a person in something different to what they would normally wear.  It can just take a different cut or style of clothing to enhance the figure for the better.  However if the person in question in not comfortable, they will never look good because they don't feel good.

The best thing you can do in relation to dressing is enhance what you feel is your best features.   Alternatively do you have a feature that you are particularly self-conscience about?  Then dress to hide or play down this feature.  For example I really don't like my legs and know that I don't look great in shorts of short dresses or skirts, so I wear trousers, long shorts, capri's or maxi skirts and dresses.  My lovely husband constantly tells me how much he loves my legs, but as like most woman I dress for myself, not my husband and my comfort takes preference over what I think other people want to see me in.

It is fantastic to experiment and try new styles but the best look - to be comfortable in your own skin.  Love yourself!!!

Jen and Row

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