Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peach Indie Dress

Do you buy clothing on line?

I recently watched a news report on buying clothing on line and whilst the perfect size 6 woman found it easy and convenient on line, a lot of people not blessed with those petite genes found buying clothing on line frustrating.  It seems that many people find it hard to buy for their body shape and if they do venture to buy something online, many times it doesn't fit properly.

Buying on line can be a really exciting.  There is the rush of buying something on line because it is a risk.  It may look fantastic.  It may not.  So what is the solution?  

There are a few rules of thumb you can follow:

- Don't buy anything that is overly fitted, unless you are specifically buying t-shirts or Lycra based items.

- Always look at the websites size chart and take the time to take your measurements and compare them to the websites size chart.

- If length is an issue again always measure on yourself to see where the item will sit on your body.  If the website does not display the length, ask.  The majority of web store owners are more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

At Shimi we have taken these issue into consideration and now are focusing on only selling apparel that is a One Size fits all.  One Size is not really "one size" but will cover size ranges from about size 8 - size 14.  The clothing is made specially to fall well on all size types within this range.  Obviously the clothing is not fitted, but loose fitting and comfortable.  

We only have very few items in stock at the moment, but if our lovely Shimi customers show a great interest in this type of range we will source more and more items for your interest.

Let us know your thoughts, we would love to know your opinion on what you like to buy on line and your experiences with buying online.

Our lovely Peach Indie Dress is our latest item, however it is been very popular so we only have a few left.  If you need something cool and comfortable this is the dress for you.  This loose fitting, cotton summer dress is gorgeous with the added benefit of long sleeves for sun protection.  Beautiful embroidered neckline, sleeve edge and hem make this dress very feminine.  Lovely with sandals, a loose belt or even over jeans for the cooler months.
Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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