Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Liz Taylor

Well, it is a sad day for Hollywood with the passing of Liz Taylor.  She was a great woman in many ways.  Sassy, sexy and smart, but mostly her dedication to great causes and charities defined her as one of the great Hollywood stars that used her status for good.

Seeing the dedications flow in this morning of the morning news programs reminded me of a school assignment I had to do when I was in year 9.  The subject - Religion (I went to a Catholic school), the topic -  a woman I admire.  And guess who I picked.  You can imagine how handing in an assignment dedicated to a woman that was married 8 times to a Catholic Nun went down.  I didn't receive a great mark on that one.

Truth of the matter is I left the assignment to the night before it was due.  I had no research material and of course when I was at school there was no Internet available.  I was at a loss so I sat down and went through all my mums old Women's Weekly and found an article on Liz Taylor.  Some creative writing and two hours later I had my assignment finished.

Should have really thought it through a bit better I guess.


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