Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music soothes the soul

I am a strong believer in music soothing the soul.  Similarly music can bring back memories, good and bad.  For example, as much as I love the music of Jeff Buckley, I haven't been able to listen to him in 10 years, as when I was going through a "tormented" stage during my late teens I would play his music incessantly.  I still do love his tunes, but I feel tense the moment I start the CD.

Xanadu is my go to CD.  I know, so daggy, but so many fond memories.  I went to see Xanadu with my mum when I was about 3 and spent the whole time at the movies in the isle dancing my heart out.  Then a few years later when it came on TV, I was not content to just watch it, I had to dress in my finest attire to take it in.

It makes my heart light up.

What is your go to CD when you need a pep up?


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