Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movies at School?

My gorgeous 6 year old recently came home from school talking about scenes from the movie Tangled.  Now we have seen Tangled twice at the movies so I assumed she was thinking back to then.  Not so.  She then informed me that they watch movies at school.  I asked her why movies were being put on during school time and she said they were allowed to watch movies when they had nothing else to do.

Hmmmm.  I was not happy.  The children are allowed to watch movies during the lunch hour WHEN it is raining, however why during school time?  When I was at school if we had nothing else to do (when does that even happen) we were allowed to go to the reading corner and read books.

So far Miss G's class has watched Despicable Me, Tangled and Cats and Dogs 2 - and we are only 5 weeks into the year.  I wouldn't mind so much if the kids were watching educational movies, but these movies?

Do I talk to the Principal about this?


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  1. I would... School is for learning!! What kind of teacher would do that??? :S