Friday, March 25, 2011

Our first encounter with "The Tooth Fairy"

I just read a blog from the lovely Diminishing Lucy and it reminded me of our first encounter with "The Tooth Fairy" in our house.

It was about 2 months ago, so I was heavily pregnant and not quite as coherent as I normally am.  My 6 year old lost her first tooth and was very excited to put her tooth under her pillow for said Tooth Fairy.  We even had to discussed how she should display her tooth, just wrapped in a tissue, in a bag, on its own?  We decided to eventually put the tooth safely in her beloved Rabbit and The Duck wallet.

Of course she went off to sleep and I had full intentions of slipping in before I went to bed and swapping the tooth for money.  Of course I didn't, bad mum!!  I only remembered at 6 in the morning when my daughter came in to ask me if she should look under her pillow to see how much the Tooth Fairy had left. I managed to convince her to jump into our bed and give her dad a cuddle while I "went to the bathroom."

So next issue was to find some change at short notice, because I NEVER have any money in my wallet, and if I do my kids raid my wallet and pop the change in their piggy banks.  So, at this stage I had forgotten to BE the Tooth Fairy, and now I had no money to put in the tooth pouch.  But my daughter did....  Again, BAD Mum.

So I found three 50c pieces, ahem, in her piggy bank, into the tooth pouch, back under the pillow, into bed for a quick cuddle with her and then "Let's see what the tooth fairy left you."  Miss G was very excited to find $1.50 in her tooth pouch.  One 50c piece was almost black and quite distinctive.  Of course Miss G noticed and then accused the Tooth Fairy of stealing her money.

Some quick thinking from a lying mum and I had convinced her that the Tooth Fairy only has very old ancient money because.... oh I can't remember, what do you want from me?

How exhausting.  But she still believes in The Teeth Fairy.


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  1. You have reminded me to go raid my husbands change pot for the cash and go creeping into to swap tooth for dollars...