Monday, January 31, 2011

31 Year Friendship

I think it is fair to say that given Rowena and I meet at start of the school year at Kindergarten (3 years old) we have been friends for approximately 31 years now.   Although we only ever attended school together for about 3 years, we somehow managed to maintain a very close and loving friendship throughout these 31 years and have been there for each other through some very trying times and some really wonderful times.

We have even lived together, which is a sure fire way to kill any friendship.  I think we have had all of one argument in our friendship, and even that was via email (terrible medium for sorting out differences) and we ended each email with "sent with love".

We both have a strong group of friends that we can count on in a second, but our friendship is something special and enduring.  Row has been a constant support to me through various tumultuous times including three miscarriages, which most friends in my experience, find very hard to relate to and end up saying just the wrong thing.  Thank goodness for Rowena who has listened to me cry and rant and rave and have crazy ideas and always supports me.  We have gone months without contact and can get on the phone (Row and I live in different states) and it feels like we just chatted the day before.

So thanks Row for 31 years of a beautiful friendship, and I think we have at least another 50 in us.  We will be the two little old ladies with our cups of tea who after 81 years of knowing each other, still can chat non-stop.

Luv Ya


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  1. Hey Jen,

    Thanks for the beautiful message and you know I feel exactly the same about you too! Put simply, I have never known life without you!
    Its a definate that we will be two little old ladies drinking tea together. Especially given we already do a fair bit of that now - during the treasured times we actually get to see each other!
    Luv ya too