Monday, January 24, 2011

Pregnancy Weight

Well after eating really well all pregnancy and putting on only a sensible amount of weight, I have now blown it in the last month.  I have put on at least 5 kilos in 3 weeks and I am not happy about that.  However I cannot seem to eat enough to sate my hunger.  Even though I am trying to eat well I still cannot seem to fill up....

Thank goodness it is summer and there is so much lovely fruit around or I think I would be stuffing my face with Magnums.  I have been pretty lucky with my first two pregnancy.  Whilst I put on an obscene amount of weight, with lots of exercise, sensible eating and breast feeding I got back to my normal weight within about 12 months.  However being in my mid 30s now, I am a little worried about how long it will take me to lose the weight and how hard it is going to be.  For me the only thing that really works is lots of exercise,  so looks like I will be putting myself through excruciating pain very soon.

I was also thinking about ordering my breakfasts and lunches from a weight lose pre-made delivery service.  I still want to maintain a normal routine for dinner to teach my children the benefits of eating well and that we all need balance nutritionally, however breakfast and lunch is where I fall down, so any help would be good.

What are your weight loss tips?  What has worked for you?

Jen & Row

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