Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just realised I detest cooking.

I, tonight, finally came to the realisation that I really do not like cooking.  It is quite strange to admit that as I come from a family, most notably my Grandmothers, that love to cook or bake to be more precise.

Truth be told, I don't mind cooking dinners if they are simple, but baking, it is just not my thing.  I can bake, I just choose not to.  I do think this is something that has come about since I have had children as I don't think I had the same level of dislike prior to children, however I don't think I actually baked to much prior to kids, so that would explain that.

So why have I found this admission so embarrassing?  I am not sure to be honest.  I don't claim to be a great cook and if you come to my house for a coffee, that is all you will get unless I can rummage up a few store bought biscuits, and my friends are aware of this.  I love cooking shows, enjoy eating, can appreciate others that do cook, but basically can't be bothered with it myself.

How unfortunate that my husband doesn't like cooking either.  That is not to say we live on takeaway, in fact it is a rare occasion in our house.  If ever the kids and I are having a night to ourselves, I still prepare them a dinner of greens, protein, and carbs but I have to say my dinners can swing anywhere between cereal and a pasta made of whatever I can find.  I must admit in my student days I did make quite a good pasta out of not much more then tomato sauce and cheese (I know, sounds horrible, but its not bad when you have very little money, and who was going to waste money on ingredients when there was wine to be bought?  Ahh, the distant memories of actually having a glass of wine.)

So when my 6 year old shows interest in being on Junior Master Chef, I will be encouraging it all the way.  My husband and I are pinning all our hopes on our children loving cooking so we don't have to endure the nightly ritual.  At the moment they are more interested in cooking anything "chocolaty" (not sure if that is a word) and abandoning ship when the chocolate part is over.

Jen & Row

*Rowena does not endorse this blatant disregard for the art of cooking.

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