Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not the best day

Well it has been a sad day for Queenslanders with probably most of us knowing someone who is being or has been badly effected by the flood.

We are very lucky that we have and are not likely to see any rising water in my suburb, but my poor cousin lives in one of the worst hit areas by the Brisbane River and whilst her partner, herself and her beloved dog are safe, along with some important personal effects, she will no doubt lose most of her furniture, and the damage to her unit will be severe no doubt.

Whilst I stress how lucky I know we are, it has been a tiring few days just worrying about what will happen and our loved ones, so I will sign off tonight, not in the chirpiest of moods to say the least.  However I will share one last link with you that I found beautiful amongst the devastation:


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