Thursday, January 13, 2011

BCBGMaxAzria Body Conscious Dress

We just added the BCBGMaxAzria Women's Body Conscious Dress to our Shimi collection.  A very stylish and chic dress, this is something that I would have thought only suited women with a body like the model showing it.

How wrong I am.  I know this because up until 6 months ago I worked in a boutique that specialised in women's clothing with the focus on the 40 - 70 year old.  The clothing was still very stylish, which is why it was and is such a popular boutique, no old ladies clothing in there.  One of their most popular designs is a dress in a similar vein to that of the BCBGMaxAzria Body Conscious Dress and I can say that most of the ladies who tried on this dress, then bought it.

The material is a jersey, so it is quite thick and drapes beautifully.  Whilst you would think in the 40-70 age group most women's bodies would have some signs of what a wonderful life they have had, the lumps and bumps are hidden in this dress.  I was consistently surprised that this is a dress that would suit almost any body shape.

I think maybe mine (8 months pregnant) is about the only body shape that wouldn't do it justice.

Happy Shopping
Jen & Row

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