Friday, January 21, 2011

Sun Cover Ups

A friend commented today on how brown I was looking, which I found quite alarming because I apply sunscreen constantly.  I actually really like looking tan, however after having two grandparents pass away from cancer which we believe to be from a melanoma, I am vigilant in keeping my and my children's lily white skin just that.

I was mortified on Monday when after a day at the pool my kids and I both came home slightly pink because the sun was so hot and after weeks of rain, we were soaking up the sun in a not so positive way.  Lesson learnt, must not forget to re-apply sunscreen.

Anyway, since I can't seem to find a rashie for a heavily pregnant women, I have to find a Sun Cover Up to fit over my belly.  We have found them.  These gorgeous Swim Cover Ups from Joie are perfect.  Looking chic and stylish with sun protection.

We have just added them to our Amazon Store, so be sure to check them out, as it seems we are in for a long hot summer.

Happy Shopping.

Jen and Row

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