Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Baby for Miranda

So Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are the proud new parents of a baby boy.  Woohoo, and congratulations to them.

Now, whilst I will no doubt by the latest rag with photos of the bub in it if Miranda and Orlando choose to go down the route, what I don't want to see is snaps of Miranda walking out of hospital in her skinny jeans!  Or having coffee next week looking well rested, well groomed and back to her normal size 6.  Lets be realistic though, she has amazing genes, and probably a team of professionals to get her looking her best, but it still does nothing for my self-esteem when 6 months down the track I am still struggling to brush my hair in the morning.  However I am sure a lot of hard work goes into keeping oneself looking so gorgeous and if I had the means and new that I would be snapped by the paps every time I left my house, I would employ any means necessary as well.

At 8 weeks to go until my baby is due, I know without a doubt I will not be in my skinny jeans for at least another 12 months.  Partly because I don't own any skinny jeans (no one needs to see my bum tightly encased in denim) and partly because it normally takes me 12 months to get back into shape.  Although I get very frustrated by this during this period I know that if I lose the baby weight slowly and healthily that it is more likely to stay off.

So congratulations to Miranda and Orlando and I hope they have a wonderful experience as new parents.  Lets hope the the gorgeous Miranda (whom we are all fans of in my house - my husband for different reason then I obviously) doesn't do a Giselle and start making silly statements now that she has joined the world of motherhood.  Remember the "It should be law that all women breast feed their child for at least 6 months".  Obviously she had no trouble breastfeeding and hasn't had to deal with the guilt, frustration and anxiety that occurs when breastfeeding doesn't come easily, or doesn't happen for them at all.  But that is a whole other discussion.


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