Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peter Alexander Sleepwear Collection

I have just bought the latest Marie Claire for the first time in many years.  I used to read it religiously every month, but as children have appeared, it is another luxury I have forgone.

However for some reason this one caught my eye and I bought (December Issue, 2010).  I have seen so many things I want in it, so if I babble on about the issue for the next few posts, please forgive.  First though is the latest Peter Alexander Collection.  I have always loved his designs, and admire his label, but this particular little number struck a cord with me.

It reminds me of nights at my late Grans.  She was a hoarder, however a very organised hoarder, and of course I was drawn to her collection of clothing, bags and sleepwear that she had put away from decades before. The sleepwear was always a treat, because on impromptu sleepovers I got to choose from her collection.  Yes, they were a bit musty smelling, and yes, they had a few holes, but they were satin and chiffon and gorgeous and I felt like a princess in them.  (I must add, my Gran was so tiny that her adult clothes fit me when I was 12).

This 'Oh So Chic' Nightie from Peter Alexander reminded me of those nighties straight away.  Soft, simply and comfortable, but as he says "Oh So Chic".   (You can see it at - we are not plugging it, just big fans, and it is always nice to share).

I had lots of fun dressing up in Grans clothing and it was such a thrill when I found her wedding dress.  It was a very simple light peach slip to the mid calf with a small amount of detail.  I imagine she wore it with a little pair of court shoes, a simple clutch and a little cocktail hat.  So simple, yet so chic - which defined my Gran.  As I said I was 12 when I was fitting into her old clothes, but I myself didn't get much bigger, so when my beautiful husband asked me to marry him, that was the dress I was going to (lose weight to fit into) wear.  Alas, it vanished somewhere and none of the family know to were (I suspect a very organised Aunt came in and packed up a whole heap of stuff for charity and that was part of the donation).

Not to worry.  Do you have something vintage that is more then just a "piece of clothing".  Share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Jen & Row

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