Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Luggage - what to look for, Our Review

I am NOT the intrepid traveller unfortunately.  I would like to be but at this stage in our life we have other priorities, however we do of course try to take a holiday a couple of times a year, even if it is just to the Sunshine coast for a week.  Needless to say my need for good luggage has never been overly great, but now that our family is growing, the days of stuffing everything into a duffel bag are over, and appropriate planning is essential.

Given this, and the possibility of a holiday this year that involves more then just jumping in the car for a one hour drive, I have started researching luggage.  My first thought was to look for something a little different, because as most people do, we have black luggage at the moment and tie a ribbon of some sort to the handle to tell that it is ours - which again everybody does.  So I came across the Travellers Choice Two Piece It is probably the cheaper of all the options I have looked at also at around $60US, however it is polyester so it's lifetime would be limited as compared to other products.  However it does expand giving you more room and has a padded front section for extra durability.  It has also received many great reviews from Amazon, so that is always promising.

I really love this suitcase and it would be my choice at this stage.  Bright pink, although it does come in blue or black, I love this one because it is standout and won't get lost among the sea of black and it is a hard side Samsonite suitcase.  The shell material is made of injection molded polypropylene, a highly impact-resistant plastic that is strong, lightweight, flexible, and moisture resistant.   It is large, and therefore has a great capacity to store (essential ladies!!) and although heavier then the polyester brands, still quite light and price wise very reasonable at about $300US.

This is my favourite, and of course the best of the best, however if you are a big traveller you can't go past this Samsonite Hard side Suitcase.  It is extremely durable and has a TSA Lock system, which is important if you don't want your suitcase to be unlocked at airports.  It is quite heavy, but you have to expect that when buying a suitcase in a hard material, however it glides very well on it's wheels.  It is expensive, with prices ranging from $300US to $600US, however with price brings quality.

It all depends on your travelling needs I guess.  For myself, we are not at the stage of travelling overseas very much so I would probably go for the less expensive Samsonite luggage, however WHEN (and it will happen, one day) we do become those country hoppers and see the world, I will be investing in the Samsonite Hard side Suitcase without a doubt. 

Happy Shopping
Jen & Row

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