Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Under six weeks to go.

With under six weeks until due date I am in full "crazy" nesting force.  I just received my new pram, baby bag, change mat, bottles and bottle holder (in the hope that baby number 3 will feed from a bottle occasionally unlike babies 1 and 2) from our wonderful friends at

I told Leanne my needs in respect to a pram - and she came through with the goods.  I need one that is a great traveller as I endeavour to walk, walk, walk, once baby is born (we will see how that ambitious plan goes), and of course I needed a Buggy Board for child 2, who we regularly call Mr Lazy when it comes to walking.

So now to just sit and wait for the big day, although I am slightly nervous.  Living away from my family I don't have a big support network of people on hand to help with the children when I go into labour.  We have lots of wonderful friends, however most work and have their own commitments which of course means they won't be available at the drop of a hat.  And after child 2's birth being only 4 hours from start to finish - slightly anxious.  I'm sure it will all be alright on the day though.

In the meantime I am drooling over these gorgeous baby things displayed in the December edition of Marie Claire.

Happy Shopping

Jen & Row

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