Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Day...

I had the most fun today just hanging out with my little man (4 years old). It has been quite a long holiday for us, and now that school is back, as much as it is nice to have our eldest around, over the past twelve months my son and I have slotted into a nice relaxing routine and I think we were both missing a bit of Mum/Son time.

Freakishly my son likes to go to the shops (or thops, as he says) much more then my daughter.  So those dreams of wandering around shopping and doing lunch with Miss G are being dashed away.  Mr C and I went back to our normal routine of Library, shops and morning tea before we go home for the afternoon and peruse our library books until it is time to pick up Miss G from school.

The day started out questionably though with both kids refusing breakfast, which bought about a new rule in the house.  No eating whilst the TV is on.  Most mornings we go through the same thing, me nagging the kids to eat breakfast for at least and hour and a half, then our normal rule is when everyone is ready to walk out the door for school, etc, the TV can be turned on until it is time to go.  Subsequently as soon as the TV goes on one of the kidlets is telling me they are hungry and going through the pantry.  With much protest the new rule was enforced this morning.

So the day wasn't looking positive, however we arrived at the library, and I found no fines on my card (Yah) and I actually found a magazine to borrow that was new - A February 2011 Issue - it is not a fable, it can happen.

Then off to the shops to buy a baby monitor and sensor mat, which I was expecting to set me back at least $600 between the two of them.  Well I managed to find a two in one combination for just $275.

Then we headed to Myers for a wander before said Milkshake and Coffee, and I came across a rack of 75% off the sales price clothes.  Got me 4 shirts for $30 and one was reduced from $100 down to $13, love a bargain, even if I can't wear them for a while (must have a baby first and then lose 15 kilos).  Milkshake and Coffee was delicious and then our afternoon of reading books went a treat.  Although Mr C dragged out his cars to play with, thankfully he was content to let me lounge on his bedroom floor and read my new mag, with the occasional "That's pretty awesome Buddy" or "Wow" thrown in.

After some really up and down days of late, it is the little things like this that make a day so wonderful, and I got lots of cuddles from Mr C, so who can complain about that.


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  1. Any day with the kids is a lovely day! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx