Sunday, January 23, 2011

school starts tomorrow

And boy I am excited.  I actually really love holidays with the kids at home, but this one has been a doozy. My daughter is going into grade 1 and so excited to be going back to school that everything else in comparison is "boring".  So I don't feel so guilty about looking forward to having some child free time.

My son is starting Kindy, so that is only 2 days a week, but 2 days that I will be putting my feet up until baby number 3 is born.  Although I am a little worried about how I will react when he is at Kindy.  The first day with my daughter I was fine.  The second day it was like a wall of depression hit me and I was a blubbering mess ALL DAY and was at the gates waiting mournfully for her way before the day was supposed to end.

Anyway after weeks of rain and floods, I am exhausted after trying to fit in all our holiday fun into one week of sunshine.  I have one more day of exhaustion to endure - the cleaning of the house once kids are out of it.  I officially gave up last Thursday.  I kept the living area tidy and ignored the kids rooms.  However I also ignored any cleaning of bathrooms or floors, and I being an insane 8.5 month pregnant woman am getting twitches looking at the grime building up.  So no matter my state tomorrow I won't feel settled until I get the job done.

Then Tuesday - to lie on my couch uninterrupted for at least 4 hours.

Jen & Row

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