Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Path for www.shimi.com.au

You may have noticed lately that www.shimi.com.au has changed a little.  We have decided that due to the popularity of our gorgeous clutches, handbags and wallets and of course our beautiful Skincare Range by Jewell that we are now going to focus all our attention on these products for 2011.

Along with the current product stocked in our store we are currently sourcing even more beautiful bags from around the globe.  All our products will remain unique, chic and out of the ordinary so you can be assured that when you are looking for something that you won't see duplicated in various stores, www.shimi.com.au will still be the place to go.

In the meantime our gorgeous designer from Rabbit and The Duck has just launched some new designs which have a very modern Scandinavian feel.

However we know that the clothing lines we original had were a favourite with many of you, which is why we have added our Amazon Store to Shimi.  The Amazon Store has given us the ability to bring you great brands like Nine West and French Connection to you at amazing prices.  Although these pieces when ordered do come from the US, the postage time usually doesn't exceed 14-16 days.

Happy Shopping

Jen & Row


  1. Looking good, will be shopping for some new clothes now I have more wardrobe space!

  2. They're gorgeous! I'm loving the last one! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx