Thursday, January 13, 2011

The day that was.....

I think most of Brisbane woke up this morning with the anticipation of seeing real disaster - and we did.  Homes completely engulfed by water, businesses lost and unfortunately some more lose of life.

Again my family and I are very fortunate that we are fine, but the emotional toll and worry is still there.  I have been feeling very depressed for the last couple of days which is very unlike me, and I haven't been able to work out why.  I suddenly realised this afternoon that I feel "survivors guilt".  It is a strange sensation - but one I think anyone who was lucky enough to avoid any problems is probably feeling.  It is heartbreaking to watch the news and see all of our fellow Brisbanites and beyond sifting through mud which was once their belongings.  Until the water recedes somewhat, there is not a lot we can do to volunteer our help, but there will be plenty to do once the water does recede.

I pulled myself together a bit today though and tried to focus on the children.  So after a day of scrabble, snakes and ladders and drawing up our dream boards (mine and my daughters consisted solely of a pool - to which my daughter remarked "I would like a pub beside my pool thanks Mum" - she is only 6, and we hardly drink.... honestly), we took a quick trip to the shops and bought ourselves a treat.

My husband then came home early and we both sat on the couch and had a little weep for our city, then again pulled ourselves together and went for a drive to see the Brisbane River.  It is an amazing site.  After a stressful day we then treated ourselves and the kids to Mexican and came home.... all in all feeling a little better with the news that relatives that we thought would loose everything have made it back to their unit to the amazement that they escaped any water damage.

On a better note, it is amazing to see our community pull together as it has.  All Queenslander's should feel very proud of themselves.

Jen & Row

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