Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Sling

I found with my second child a baby sling invaluable.  For those short trips you always have to make with little ones, I found it far easier to pop bub in the sling rather then struggle to get the pram out or carry that god awful baby capsule around.

The first one I bought was a little small and Mr C did nearly fall out a couple of times as her got bigger, so this time round I invested in a really great sling.  I bought this pretty sling from Serena and Lily and although it was a hard choice between the styles I finally decided on the Catalina Market Sling.  My first choice was the Peacock sling, but after really looking at it I decided it didn't look quite sturdy enough to carry a larger child.

So the Catalina it is.  It has a very deep pocket which is lovely for a new born to snuggle into, but will also ensure that baby will fit into it for many months down the track.

Also the service was very prompt and was delivered to me in beautiful packaging.  Just go to to check out more styles.

Happy Shopping

Jen & Row

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