Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Baby Shoes

Amid all the tragedy that is surrounding us in Queensland at the moment, life still must go on.  My family and I are very lucky that we are not in the low lying areas and should not be effected by the floods, however we have opened our home to the few people we may be effected, however so far for them so good.

So in the middle of watching the news, having my six year old teach me Chess (she is good) and trying to teach my 4 year old how to play Connect 4, I managed to set up our baby to be's room.  Cot and change table up, baby hammock up although not to sure if I will feel comfortable using it, maybe just for those sort naps during the day.

We know we are having a boy this time so we are organised with only boy clothes hanging in the cupboard.  With 7.5 weeks to go, I am finally feeling organised and now I am just at the stage of buying things because they are cute (more clothes that he won't need), not because I need them (baby monitors).  So the next thing on my list to indulge in is some of the cute Vintage Baby Shoes from Lisa Renee Vintage.

Lisa Renee Vintage designs these baby shoes to stay on your baby's feet.  Made from vintage material, these are very original and very cute, and will keep your baby's tootsies nice and cosy.  They are available in a range of colours and styles to suit both boys and girls with sizes from Newborn to 14 months.   

Available in two styles:
Mary Jane baby shoes: High cut at back of ankle with elastic across the top of the foot.
Full shoe baby shoes: Full fit shoe with elastic around the ankle to hold baby's foot in securely. 
I have never managed to buy a pair of shoes for my babies that are easy to get on, and then will stay on.  However these little ones are a dream because not only are the soft but they have the elastic to hold the babies ankle and keep them in place.
I think for my little guy the Jardine Star is the ticket!!
Happy shopping
Jen & Row

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