Monday, January 17, 2011

Exhaustion Takes Over

Well I am at the pointy end of my pregnancy with only just under 6 weeks to go.  I went from one day feeling great to the next day waking up thinking I am totally over this.  Good news is I thought I had 7 weeks, so yippee on that front.

I am suddenly huge, exhausted, my eyes are washed out, and the discolouration of my skin on my face is out of control.  And of course my skin has broken out.  Although as usual instead of using my Jewel Mud Face Mask regularly, I bring it out to cure the skin condition rather then prevent it.  So tomorrow I am going to make some time for myself and put on a face mask and try to block out the sounds of children arguing for at least 15 minutes.

The last stages of pregnancy as any woman knows are nearly as hard as the first stages of pregnancy if you suffered morning sickness, although the debilitation tiredness of the first trimester is I think actually worse then the last trimester.  In my first trimester I was asleep with the kids by 7pm every night.

Oh well, the count down begins.  I am looking forward to next week when child 1 is back at school and child 2 starts preschool (although there could be a minor freak out on my part when he takes his little bag in the gates and starts unpacking, not liking the idea of losing my little ones to school just yet).

So I will be requiring lots of tips on how to bring bub on early (at 5 foot 2 and a small build, I have no more room for baby, and apparently he is a big one).  I know about the chili, and of course I keep getting reminded by husband about the doctors advice of lots of "foolin around" but any other tips would be much appreciated.


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