Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miranda Kerr's Baby Pics

It is very sweet this picture, and looks extremely natural although Miranda looks as beautiful as ever.  I must admit I was a little taken aback when I first saw the photo, simply because I didn't expect a breast feeding photo.  But it is the most beautiful image.

If only our first new baby photos could all look that good.  My first one after my daughter was born, I looked puffy, bloated, sleep deprived, sick and huge, and I had even put on a bit of makeup and tried to make myself look presentable.  That is all by the by because my husband spent a lot of time in the delivery room snapping photos prior to the actual birth, so I was partially naked and strapped to machines and again looked bloated and tired, and this time with no makeup or hair done.  To make matters worse, we got double exposures printed and gave copies to my mum, who divided them into two piles - the pile to show her friends and family and the pile that I didn't want anyone to see (and I dare say no one else wanted anyone to see).  However she promptly forgot which pile was which and spent the first few months handing around the "PRIVATE" photos to family and friends.  They saw much more then the should have.

I'm sure Miranda at least one or two unflattering photos!!!!

Jen & Row

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