Friday, February 4, 2011

10 year marriage anniversary gift? Any ideas...

On the 17th of this month my husband and I have been married 10 years.

I must admit, I am not overly romantic and neither is my husband, but he is better then me.  I usually forget the day all together and feel awful when I find Adrian has organised something nice for me.  Being the 10 year mark though I feel I should make an effort, although I will be 9 days of my due date, so unless it involves eating and lying on a lounge I don't think I will be good for anything.

Seriously though we will make an effort and go out for lunch whilst the kidlets are at school, but as the 10 year traditional gift is tin I have said to Adrian that (as usual) we should just think of the lunch as our present to each other - there is not much I want for anyway, but I really don't need a tin trinket to remember that we have had a very happy 10 year marriage.

Have you reached the 10 year mark?  What did you do to celebrate?  What gift did you give or receive?


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