Sunday, February 6, 2011

We don't use a Clutch much, but when we need one, we need one!

I have lamented about this before.  Being a mum of nearly 3 I don't get out much, so I don't have a lot of evening clothes and therefore not many clutches.  Actually the only clutch I have is a vintage cream clutch that was my grandmothers.  Gorgeous and I love it, but doesn't go with a whole lot and the clip to hold it together no longer works.

So lesson is to follow my own advice and invest in a few new clutches that will be versatile enough to go with my wardrobe.  I have blogged about Myoriginalsin, who design really beautiful evening clutches.  In fact every time we receive a new design I think "wedding" as they are very stylish and chic.  I have also blogged about Rabbit and The Duck.  Again, we love Rabbit and The Duck for the simple organic feel that the designs convey.

However we have a few new clutches in from M*inc.  These clutches are a little less formal then Myoriginalsin and a little more formal then Rabbit and The Duck.  Made from predominantly vintage/ recycled or remnant fabrics, making them limited editions of each fabric design. They are all fully lined with matching button & magnetic snap for easy access. Measuring 42X23cm, it is perfect for carrying all your essentials for a night out.

All M*inc's fabric seem to have a slightly oriental theme, but still maintain a versatility to go with most outfits.

Happy Shopping.

Jen & Row

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