Monday, February 28, 2011

New Fashion Trend

As I have mentioned soooo many times, I love the Burda Magazine.  I really love the European style they present.  Classic, classy and interesting.  One drawback for me personally though is that I seem to be drawn to the "larger fashion section" and being short and small and not an exceptional tailor, I cannot cut the patterns down to my size.  So I just have to drool.

A  fashion trend that I saw months ago in the Burda Magazine was a simple calf  length skirt gathered with elastic at the hemline.  The skirt had some flow to it so it would be extra comfortable as apposed to the confinement of a straight skirt, but still gives the illusion of a long line as the base is tapered in.  Love, love, love it.  This is probably one design I can alter, so once the sewing machine is out again, it will be my first project.

If you are not the sewing type I have seen a very similar design by Yarra Trail, although a little shorter (just above knee length).  Great with a plain t-shirt, a cute jacket and a pair of ballet flats.

Happy Shopping
Jen & Row

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