Friday, February 18, 2011

Trina Turk ..... again

Now I have discovered Trina Turk I am a little bit obsessed.  The gorgeous colours and prints she uses really appeal to me, but I have just found this plain white dress.

I love a great white dress in summer especially.  Usually when you have a little colour from the summer days, white always looks fresh and clean and cool.  This is a dress that I have been dreaming about for years and years.  I recently (pre huge pregnancy belly) found a similar dress in Myers, which I tried on as I was looking for a nice dress to wear to a friends bridal shower.  I gasped when I spotted the dress, but the try on was exceptionally disappointing.  It looked like a nightie on me.  This was because only the sleeves were lace and the rest of the dress was plain white.  It does sound lovely, and believe me, I am a less is more girl, but with this dress it was less is boring.

The difference with this Trina Turk dress is in the detail.  Whilst plain white is lovely, it can be a tad boring, so different textures, be it lace or otherwise, really are the star of this design.

Jen and Row

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