Thursday, February 10, 2011

M*Inc Purses

We all need a little purse at times.  Just something to hold our change and slip in our handbags.  Actually I use my purses for my lipstick and a small bottle of perfume.  You never know when you will be caught out, and last time I went rummaging through my bag trying to find a lipstick, I found one at the bottom of my bag with the lid off and the lipstick covered in my sons 2 week old chocolate chip biscuit crumbs.  

M*Inc have these gorgeous purses out that are perfect when trying to avoid a biscuit related incident like the above.  These retro styled purses are designed and made in Melbourne by Miyuki Mardon.  Made from predominantly vintage/ recycled or remnant fabrics, making them limited editions of each fabric design.  The relaxed style of these purses also means they are would be a great addition to a casual outfit, and perfect for those lunches or breakfasts out when you don't want to lug around a big handbag, only to dump it on the ground and hope no one drops food on it.

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