Thursday, February 10, 2011


Wow, what an obnoxious child I had on my hands this afternoon.

My little boy, aged 4, had his first week of Kindy this week, and three days at that.  He absolutely loved it, so much so he has been on a high ever since his first day.  He was still in a really good mood this morning, however by 2pm the cracks were starting to show and the tiredness has set in.

I then got a phone call at the same time from my daughters school.  She had had her finger slammed in a toilet door!!!  By accident of course.  A little Preppy had closed the door on G's finger and then locked the door, as you do when you are using a school toilet.  So G is outside the toilet screaming, whilst some older students tried to get the Preppy to open the door, but of course probably a bit of a confusing situation for a 5 year old who had no idea what was going on outside her toilet.  So the finger was jammed for a couple of minutes and for my poor little 6 year old there was no recovering from that incident.  Only a cuddle from Mum and a phone call from Dad could make things better.

Dad was in a meeting when we phoned his mobil, so G then phoned the land line at his work.  Still very tearful the phone was answered by one of the young men at A's work.  G is very confident on the phone and although her voice was wavering and teary, she asked is a very clear voice for her Dad.  I could hear the young man giving G instructions to phone A's mobile, who then informed him that she already had.  I could hear the panic in this young man's voice.  He advised G to try again, to which G said thank you, and hung up.  I had a brief thought that this young man may have been panicking a bit because he thought I was in labour and Grace was ringing up to get her Dad home asap.  And Yes, A advised me that was the case.  Couldn't help but laugh at that.  Poor Guy.

So after picking up G early from school we decided to have a movie afternoon in the airconditioning to calm everyone down.  Unfortunately it just wasn't hitting the button for my 4 year old and he continued on his path of destruction all afternoon.

We all have days like that I guess.


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