Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eva Franco : Gorgeous Casual Wear

New to Shimi is Eva Franco.  The designs are lovely and casual and would be constant staples in your wardrobe, with the ability to mix with most casual items : jeans, cargos, t-shirts, etc.

I have a thing for stripes.  I think they always look very classy and stylish, so I love these t-shirts.

In the summer time, shorts are a must, and the most comfortable of all shorts are those with a bit of a flair in the leg - cool and comfortable.  These denim shorts are fabulous.

This last little dress actually reminds me of a dress my friend bought for her 4 year old.  Should I be embarrassed to say that I often look at little girls dresses and thing they would be just as nice in a woman's dress.  Well I have found it with this one.

Happy Shopping

Jen & Row

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  1. Such lovely pieces ... I especially love the stripe tops