Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dark Days for FNQ

Finding it a little hard to focus on blogging tonight with the impending threat of a category 4-5 cyclone hitting my home town.  With parents, sister, nephew in Cairns and various relations scattered through Townsville I imagine it will be a very sleepless night for me tomorrow night.

Having lived in FNQ for the first 21 years years of my life, I have been through a few cyclones.  The first big one I remember was when I was about 10 (maybe?) and I recall deaths in that cyclone.  Admittedly the deaths as I recall were from due to people doing reckless things, like getting up on roofs to hold them down, etc.

The second I went through I was an adult and looking after the family home whilst parents and sister were on holidays.  The threat of the cyclone actually turned out to be worse then the actual cyclone.  We had no power for a few days, but that was about the extent of it thankfully.  I actually had a lovely time ready "Lonesome Dove" by candle light with no disturbances.

That was my last run in with a cyclone, however my family went through Cyclone Larry, which left my sister without power and water for at least a week, backed up the sewerage line and caused various appliances to fuse, leaving her without a washing machine for weeks on end.

Hopefully Yasi will die down at least a category before it hits.  Fingers Crossed.

Jen & Row

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  1. I wish for you and your family's safety! Kellie xx