Monday, February 21, 2011

Jeans Baby - Guest Blogger Carly Lloyd

Most women I know own a pair of jeans, and live in them. 
Like I am talking they are in love with their jeans, because they make them feel sexy, and whatnot.
Me, on the other hand, I have only owned three pairs of jeans in my lifetime. Two pairs I gave away and one still in my closet.
Jeans don't love me. And I don't love jeans. 
My arse gets saggy in them. Well, not my arse, but the arse in the jeans.
I never feel like I can breathe.
I would never consider sitting down for an extended period of time.
I manage to get the lovely "muffin top" happening.
Not to mention, even squeezing myself into them can be problematic.
Being twenty-three, and needing pants, besides you know leggings, I am wondering if I should go on the hunt for my perfect pair of jeans. However, I must admit I do like these pants. Sexy, no?
Should I? Shouldn't I?
Do you have any brands, or tips for me? 

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