Saturday, February 26, 2011

The tooth fairy is running late!

Ok, so we all like to share stories about what a great mum we are when we have really outdone ourselves! But, what about the times when we have not quite 'cut the mustard'... My 6 yr old son lost his 5th tooth. So, of course, he put his tooth into our special little 'tooth fairy' bag and he excitedly popped it under his pillow that night.
My husband and I during the night said to each other that we musn't forget to find some change and of course, swap the tooth before going to bed. So, what happens... we forget! My son comes charging into my room the following morning all upset because his tooth was still there! My husband and I have looked at each other and given the look of 'oh crap!'. I quickly said, 'sometimes the tooth fairy comes later in the morning as she must be running late - busy night!'
So, while Mr 6 was watching cartoons, I was very quietly made sure the 'tooth fairy' arrived afterall! He was very excited when mid morning, he checked under his pillow again and found the money..

The sad part to this story is that this isn't the first time this has happened in my household. It may just have happened for tooth number 4 too! (I know, a shocker)... Only that time, I also had to raid his money box for coins as my purse was as bare as old mother hubbards cupboard.. I can only hope the tooth fairy has herself sorted in time for the 6th tooth! ha.

Better sign this one off as Row only (Jen doesn't do this kind of stuff!) ha

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