Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As I have mentioned just once or twice in the past few weeks, my tolerance levels are low.  Generally I am a very nice person.  I am the person that will laugh at others jokes, just so they don't feel embarrassed.  I talk to the person at get togethers that most people avoid (you know, the one that can talk endlessly about their latest ailment, or gives you details of how adorable their dogs are).  And I usually choose to ignore others insensitive remarks because and the end of the day, we have all said things that later we have kicked ourselves for.

In saying that, I am at the end of my tether in relation to having a 3rd child.  For some reason a LOT of people feel they have the right to tell me I am crazy.  They seem to think that because they choose to stop at one or two children, that I am a fool to even think about having a third.  Meanwhile I am heavily pregnant. Do they think that saying this to me will suddenly change my mind and I will decide to give the child up for adoption?  What is their point?  I am finding it so insulting that I am about to introduce my new son into the world in the next few weeks, however I have people telling me they can't believe I went back for number 3.

Even better are the people that assume my pregnancy was a mistake.  I had a lady ask me just the other day if I had to go and get all new baby things because she was sure I would have gotten rid of all my baby stuff after my second child was born.  I then had to explain that my 3rd pregnancy was planned and very much wanted.  Why should I have to do that?

Truth be known, my husband and I have had three miscarriages, two before this current pregnancy.  We always wanted three children and were devastated when we miscarried.  Our 3rd is just as much of a miracle and just as wanted as our first two.   This is not something that we make public knowledge, and possibly these people saying these things would think twice before they voiced their opinion, but why should be have to?

Anyway, I am sure I will have those same people making just as insensitive remarks after my son is born.  Maybe it is time to reevaluate our social circle?


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