Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty Regime - what is your routine?

So we are interested in what your beauty routine is.  Is it a bit like me, cleanse, tone and slap on a bit of moisturiser, or do you have a million products that each have a specific use?

Do you use a natural product or do you use a product marketed to your needs?

Does scent make a difference to you?

Does packaging mean anything to you?

We ask this because both Rowena and I love the product we sell called Jewell, which is a natural aromatherapy product and we are interested in your views on the nature of this product.  We have both had excellent results from using Jewell, but that is not to say it meets all our needs.

Me for example, I cannot use the cleanser as a cream cleanser is to heavy for my skin, however my mum on the other hand uses it religiously.  I on the other hand use a generic cleanser from the chemist although when I have a little spare case, I do love the Clinic Cleanser.   Scent makes a big difference to me.  I love flowery scents so Jewell suits me down to the t, but does it provide the best for my skin?  I'm not sure, but it makes me happy, and that is the main think.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Jen and Row

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