Monday, February 21, 2011

Others caring for my kids.

Well, now that I know when my baby will be delivered (Thursday) and I am not constantly stressing over going into labour and having to consider who is going to look after my little darlings, I am feeling amazing.

It took a while for husband and mother to understand that I am not overly worried about looking after my new baby and two children after the birth.  I mean I have done it twice before and have been a full time mum for six years - I sort of know what I am doing (at least 50% of the time anyway).  What I was worried about was my two children not feeling comfortable.  I didn't want them staying at a friends place (no matter how beautiful my friends are, they have their own kids to consider and I want my kids to be the centre of attention when so much is changing in their life).  The only two people I am comfortable looking after my children for this particular event is my Mum - who is the quintessential Grandma.  You know, Rafferty's rules and LOTS of cuddles.  Or my husband's sister - who is the "Fun Aunt" - same deal really, lots of laughter and love.  I needed to know if my son wakes up having a night terror (which unfortunately is regularly) that he will have someone to cuddle him until he calms down.  If my daughter is sobbing in bed because she is worried about Mum (she is rather emotional my girl), she will have the right person to talk to her about it honestly and with love.

Bringing a baby home is enough of a change for them.  I don't want them feeling "not wanted" in the meantime.

So now mum has booked her flight, and all I have to do is hold on until tomorrow afternoon.

My fears of who to leave my children in the care of was justified yesterday.  My mother and father in law, who only see my kids about 5 times a year, yet only live an hour away (they are just to busy apparently) decided to visit.  My daughter is very confident and will talk the leg of a donkey.  My son on the other hand is very shy and takes a LONG time to warm up to most people.  I am talking having friends that visit weekly and only 12 months down the track will Mr 4 have a conversation with them.  But "Grandad" seems to think because he is a blood relation Mr 4 shouldn't need any warm up time, and pushes him to be a child he is not from the time he walks in the door till he leaves.  Needless to say, Mr 4 acts up and behaves badly because he is unsure of the situation and how to handle it.  Whilst this annoys me, I have tried to not be the over-protective mum, and let them sort it out themselves.  I don't take to kindly though when Grandad then smacks my son......

Mr 4 did hit Grandad, HOWEVER, he is 4 and Grandad is 74.  I don't like smacking at the best of times, but it is not the role of a Grandad to discipline MY child in this manner.  Very angry, especially as I found out after the visit and have not been able to address the issue with said In law.

The one time in the past 6 months I have left my children in the care of my father-in-law it was highly unsuccessful as well.  After a full day out, and numerous phone calls to check on the kidlets (to which the reply was "fine") we came home to a little boy with a roaring temperature.  Grandad said, that yes he had been really cranky all day so he just ignored him and eventually he fell asleep not once but twice on the couch.  Hmmmm, giving him a cuddle may have alerted you to how sick he was, seeings as though it was like cuddling a roast out of the oven.

Anyway, think I just needed to vent tonight.....

All is well again in the world now Mum is on her way, so stay put for 24 more hours baby!!!


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  1. How exciting! Not long now, and fabulous that all your worries about the other two have been allayed. Relax and enjoy it all...