Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Little Black Dress - French Connection

I am  a little testy, mostly due to being 11 days off my due date and dealing with being immensely hot (and in the heat sense, not the I'm so gorgeous sense - unless of course you have a thing for hugely pregnant, short, grumpy women that is), head achy and generally feeling very unwell.  So what do I do to cheer myself up a little?

Well, generally I am sorry to say, when I am having a bad day I always turn to retail therapy.  Not good, but I can be pretty happy just buying a $2 pair of earrings when I am in that state, so we are not talking shopping addiction - no one set up an intervention!  However being hugely pregnant means not only can I not shop for clothes, but my back and tummy have put a stop for me wandering around the shops for more then 15 minutes.

However I have an online shop to shop for so, problem solved.  On my searches today I found some gorgeous new French Connection dresses in particular.  I really love the Little Black Dress (featured at the top).  The legs present a bit of a problem for me as mine are about half the models length, but we can work through that.  Very cute take on the shirt dress, and great for the coming Autumn months.

We are also loving this Blazer.  We have seen a lot of the jeans, t-shirt, blazer action of late in the Celeb Mags, and I love the casual look with a slight tailored feel.  Smart and Chic I will be following this trend as the cold creeps in.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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