Thursday, February 17, 2011

Advent Breast Pump Review

I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to breast feeding.  With my last two children I had a couple of weeks of trouble with my children latching on to my breast, but as far as milk supply goes, I could feed every baby in the hospital.  Even when the need arose to express I could manage just fine with a hand held pump, however I have many many friends that have not had the same experience.
These beautiful women have tried and persevered with breast feeding.  They have breast feed, then expressed, then breast feed, then expressed, etc, etc just to try to get their milk supply up.  In some cases it worked, in some cases it didn’t, however when it did work the introduction of an electronic breast pump made all the difference.
The Phillip Advent BPA Free ISIS iQ Due Twin Electric Breast Pump is one product that for a mum who has to express, or chooses to express, or is having trouble increases their milk supply and would benefit from expressing milk in order to build up the supply, this product would be invaluable.  It combines all the features to help improve milk supply, and even has an electronic memory that learns your personal pumping rhythm for precise control.  
This product has a let down massage cushion that will stimulate the area around the breast.  This mimics the babies sucking and allows the breast to be stimulated whilst gently vacuuming the milk that promotes a steady milk flow.
Busy Mum?  This product will pump milk faster then a hand held pump, which in our busy life, be you a working mum or a stay at home mum (we are all busy beyond belief) makes life just that little less hectic.  However I must admit I have always found that my milk flowed more easily when I relaxed, so when you do express and/or feed, set yourself up in front of your favourite TV show or grab a great book and let yourself relax for the small amount of time that the Phillip Advent Breast Pump will take to express milk.  You can even personalise the Advent Breast Pump to your specific preferences, and it has an electronic memory system so at the push of a button the Phillip Advent Breast Pump will recall these preferences.  However if you want even more speed, as the name suggests, the Phillip Advent Twin Breast Pump has a second pump you can attach so you can do a single or double pump.  The second pump will mimic the speed and suction of the first and it is the only pump on the market that will maintain the same suction and speed on both sides.
The Twin Electronic Breast Pump has the ability to gently massage the breast which stimulates more milk production.  It does this with massage cushions that flex in and out and mimic the baby’s natural sucking action.  This also makes the pumping more comfortable.  Also the Twin Electronic Breast Pump can be used with the massage cushions for faster let down.
When you start pumping, especially if you start when your baby is a new born, you will feel like all you do is express milk and feel bub.  You will feel like a cow, trust me, been there done that twice now and am gearing up for a third time.  If you are producing a good amount of milk it will be a relief anytime you express, but if you are struggling with milk production it can be very frustrating.  One thing that will make life a little easier is the Electronic Memory that the Twin Electronic Breast Pump has as comfort in this situation is essential.  The breast pump’s speed, vacuum and rhythm setting can be adjusted to numerous combinations and with the touch of a button your Advent Breast Pump will remember this combination.

Four bottle stand/funnel covers
Two sealable 4 ounce breast milk containers
Two extra soft newborn Flow Nipples
Two Piece Nipple Travel Pack
Four Cool Packs
Two Thinsulate Carriers
Microfiber Travel Bag
Two sealing discs
Spare Parts
Instruction Guide
Important Features:
This product weights about 9.4 pounds and however can only be shipped within the US at the moment.
All components of the Phillip Advent Electronic Breast Pump are BPA Free
The Advent Breast Pump has a one year warranty
The average customer review on amazon is a 4 out of 5 (when being reviewed by 61 customers).  One happy customer had this to say:
I have now been using this pump every day for two months. So far so good, I have not had one day of problems with this pump. I keep all the wiring and tubes attached to it and zipped up so that when I need to use it, I only need to attach the pump assembly. My supply is great now and since my baby has started cereal I find it great that I can give him cereal with breast milk instead of formula or water. The parts are all as good as new with every day washing and sterilization.”
With motherhood such a life changing experience the easier you can make life and the kinder you can be to yourself the better.  Breast feeding is not an easy task and it can take most women 2-3 months to comfortably breast feed  Mother’s guilt kicks in and makes the whole process a nightmare.  If you experience milk production problems a good breast pump can make a difference, although always seek medical assistance as there are many other things that may help you along this road.
Alternatively you might just want or need the convenience of being able to express milk so others can feed you precious bundle.  I am at the moment gearing up to give birth to my third child.  With a 6 year old and a 4 year old, I am constantly trying to think of ways to make the transition of a new born baby in the house easier for them.  One thing that I think will help my two children feel a little closer to their new sibling is to be able to bottle feed him.  Along with this, life it much busier for me now then when I had my first and second and they were babies at home with me all day.  Now I have school runs, committee meetings, school errands, etc.  And on top of that fabulous friends that I would like to have the ability to still have the occasional outing with, without a newborn by my side.  A little freedom is always good for the soul.  Being able to express milk gives me this little slice of freedom.
This is an exceptional product, I hope it helps you.

Jen and Row

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