Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Crazy Cats

I just left my sleeping children in their room with Harry, one of our cats sleeping on the floor beside them, keeping guard.  This is a far cry from life a year ago.  Harry has only in the last six months warmed to Miss 6 and Mr 4.  I guess the trust factor had to kick in for him, it takes a while to get over having your tail pulled constantly by a small slobbering child.  Now there is lots of gentle patting he is quite partial to the children.

Wait until we bring another little baby into the house in about 3 weeks.....  He has got about 8 months to live life as it is and then he will have to start giving the kids the cold cat shoulder again.

I don't think our other cat, Meila, has taken the addition of children into the family to well.  In fact we often joke that Meila needs to check into respite once in a while.  She is quite the loon and often goes into the new babies room, find a small stuffed animal and drags it out to us meowing all the way.

They keep us entertained.


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  1. Cats are such fascinating creatures ... I suppose a life filled with pets and children things never get boring! ;)